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Coming Home 56 x 76cm Air etching and aquatint
Van Dieman's Land 56 x 76 cm Multi plate sugar lift aquatint and etching
Untitled Size TBC Fresh water and soil etching
Tidelines 62 x 112 cm Saltwater Etching
Moonlight 2017 76 x 56 cm Water etching
Immersion 76 x 56 cm Salt water etching
Fire and Water 76 x 103cm Fire and water etching and aquatint
Earthly riches  60 x 112 cm farm etching
Earthly riches #2 55.5 x 117 cm Earth etch and aquatint
Ebb and Flow 2017 112 x 56 cm saltwater etching
Diane Masters Power and Resilience 2016 Multiplate Etching and Aquatint 76 x 132 cm
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